Hailey Baldwin Shares and Deletes Intimate Trip Photo With Justin Bieber

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber have been on a love tour recently, after allegedly getting married in New York, making out in London, and most recently traipsing around Italy for their maybe-honeymoon.
It wouldn't be a trip without documenting it on Instagram stories, which Baldwin appeared to do in a now deleted photo of her and Bieber canoodling on the London Eye. Jailey looks loved up in the snap that's dated September 18, 2018.
Advertisement – Continue Reading Below There's no official reason why Baldwin axed the photo, but our guess is the heightened attention the couple has received since their possible nuptials a week ago. Hailey, who first denied claims that she got married in a now deleted tweet, has been outspoken about her engagement critics and relationship in the public eye. “I have learnt to just try my best to ignore the negativity at this time so that I can enjoy this season of my life,” she told Stellar Magazine. “I don't think it's affe..

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‘America’s Got Talent’ Finalist Arrested and Charged with Domestic Violence

A day after the finale of this season's America's Got Talent competition, singer Michael Ketterer, who placed fifth in the finale, was arrested for domestic violence.
The Los Angeles Police Department told People Ketterer, 41, was arrested on Thursday afternoon in Hollywood following an argument he had with his wife, which reportedly escalated and got physical. According to a TMZ report, there was allegedly a red mark on her body when the police arrived at the hotel where they were staying, and where the altercation took place.
Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Ketterer has six children and works as a pediatric mental health care nurse and worship leader. On this season of America's Got Talent, he brought Simon Cowell to tears because he's a “really special guy,” and Cowell even gave him the “Golden Buzzer,” which means he was immediately sent through to the live shows.

Reportedly, Ketterer admitted to the fight, but told TMZ it was a “misunderstanding…

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This Half-Face Zombie Makeup Look Is the Trippiest Halloween Costume

If committing to a full face of costume makeup is too much for you to handle, try a half-face look instead. This one, created by makeup artist Vanessa Mendez, pairs together a classic glam look and a creepy zombie. Watch her video tutorial above, and follow along below to learn how it's done so you can wear it yourself this Halloween.
Advertisement – Continue Reading Below STEP 1: TRACE YOUR HALF-FACE SECTION.
Use a brown pencil liner to faintly outline the section of your face that you're transforming into a zombie. The area inside this section of your face is what you'll focus on for steps two through seven.
Advertisement – Continue Reading Below First, conceal your brows inside the section. Mendez used glue stick to lay her brows flat in an upward..

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Everything You Need to Know About Season 3 of The Crown

Warning: Contains minor spoilers for season three of The Crown.
After binge-watching season two of Netflix's The Crown, which was released in December, you probably can't wait to see what's in store for the fascinating royals as the show explores the next stage of their lives. The next two seasons will only get more interesting as we become intimately acquainted with some of the younger members of the family and their drama.
Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Here are the answers to all of your burning questions about season three of the hit show—and we'll be making updates as we learn more.
When will it air?The BBC reports that season three will air some time in 2019, although past seasons were spaced only a year apart. The next season has not yet been fully cast, but filming will begin in July 2018.
What's the time period?Season two left off in 1964, andThe Sunday Times reports that season three will cover “the Wilson era,” which refers to approximate..

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Is Vaping Vitamins the Future of Wellness?

Do you even Juul, bro? A phrase you might hear overhear at a high school football game or walking past a pack of Scumbros. For a quick explainer on Juuls, they are e-cigarettes that deliver nicotine in flavors like crème brûlée and cucumber. An atomizer (heating coil) heats the liquid nicotine (e-juice) to a boiling point that turns it into a vapor that's inhaled through the tip of the device.
Advertisement – Continue Reading Below They also boast the nicotine of two packs of cigarettes and in 2017 the e-cigarette market expanded 40 percent to $1.16 billion, with growth primarily driven by Juul.

The hype and attention given to vaping over the last year or so opened the door for other businesses to deliver their products through this same process. These products are much less addictive—in fact, they actually have a wellness spin. Meet vitamin vapes, real e-cigs that mist B12 or other vitamin concoctions instead of nicotine. VitaminVape, which delivers B12, and VitaStick, whic..

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Get Ready, Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress Is Officially Going on Display

If your life goals include finding a time machine and attending Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding just so you can see her stunning dress IRL, good news! Rumors that the dress is going on display turned out to be true, which means you can feast your eyes on Meghan's gown as soon as October. You know, if your hobbies include staring at wedding dresses on mannequins. Which mine obviously do.
Advertisement – Continue Reading Below According to Kensington Palace, who seem like they know what they're talking about, the exhibition will include Meghan's dress and veil (designed by Clare Waight Keller), as well as the diamond and platinum tiara that was lent to her by The Queen. Also, a replica of Prince Harry's outfit will be there, but clearly NO1CURR.
So, when/where can you see Meghan's dress? It'll be on display at Windsor Castle from October 26, 2018 to January 6, 2019 as part of the exhibition A Royal Wedding: The Duke an..

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6 Cheap AF Ways To Curb Your Spending But Not Your Fun

So your summer has been extra…expensive. But there’s no need to face fall with a hollowed-out bank account and a pile of debt.
Nor do you need to spend these last few glorious-but-fleeting weeks of summer locked in your house eating ramen noodles. Just follow these thrifty tips for spending next to nothing all August long—without missing a thing.
Advertisement – Continue Reading Below DIY Happy HourOutdoor after-work hangs are the best way to stay super social without racking up big bills, says Stefanie O’Connell, author of The Broke and Beautiful Life. Instead of hitting a trendy alfresco bar, grab some rosé with your pals, and plop down somewhere free, like your backyard, rooftop, or a park.
Blow Off Your BlowoutWhen it’s hot and humid, don’t shell out for a pricey pro dry. Try au naturel styling: “Post-beach dip, harness the saltwater in your hair by forming a loose bun,” says Cosmo associate beauty editor Kate Foster.“Thirty minutes later, undo it for effortless waves..

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How Estelle Turned Hot Guys Into a Hit Song

What's the soundtrack of your youth? In's Best Song Ever column, we revisit the tunes that made us who we are. In today's installment: the perfect celebration of dazzling Stateside dudes, Estelle's 2008 hit “American Boy.”

Even though it's 10 years old, Estelle's “American Boy” is still on high rotation: Just listen out for it at the supermarket, drugstore, bar, or your local karaoke joint. (Not to mention your personal playlists.) Bouncy, optimistic, and irresistible, the song features vocals from real American boy Kanye West, hit #1 in the UK, scored Grammys for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration and Song of the Year, and took away four awards at the MTV VMAs, including Video of the Year.

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below asked Estelle about her classic paean to hotties, meeting Kanye West at a chicken restaurant, and the time she heard a band of 70-year-old Italians playing “American Boy.”
Estelle turned hot guys into a h..

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Everyone Missed Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Secretly Share a Sweet Kiss at the VMAs

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott showed up at the VMAs after some mild seating chart drama involving Nicki Minaj, and they were extremely low-key cute. There's been a lot of speculation about whether or not these to are breaking up (fact check: they're not), but if you need proof that they're very much in love, check out this moment Kylie kissed Travis while they were seated.
Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Clearly they didn't know (or care) that they were being filmed, and this kiss feels completely candid, natural, and in-the-moment. Honestly…kinda starting to high-key ship these two…what about you?
Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Whether or not you're here for this relationship, Kylie recently just shut down a fan who claimed to have inside information that Travis had moved out of the beauty mogul's house and that she'd given the movers tequila. Her comments on the matter? “Obviously fake,” Kylie wrote. “Shit was neve..

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